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In the process of fulfilling our main business focuses, I also want to provide a good model to the business world of how things should be done. I'm very happy that there are finally several other companies in the world that are also starting to do the same thing. Regardless of that though, building a company that is not worthy of existence would be entirely pointless. Likewise, building a company that would end with my retirement or death would be entirely pointless.

Money is something that simply and naturally follows the above. It will never be the main point. Our business has been described as a distribution center for cash. That's exactly the way it really should be. Specific example: Any money we receive from any client is a result of the efforts of several people; that money should therefore be distributed fairly among all of those people according to their contribution. Any one person making significantly more than anyone else should be doing so only as a result of working that many more hours than anyone else. (At the same time, that person probably needs more balance in his, or her life...)

I want to attract the truly motivated and skilled people by treating them fairly, and providing a happy place for everyone to work. That takes time, but it's the real point.

We should therefore never receive any money from anyone without a real reason for doing so; having received it, it should be distributed to those involved in the service that was provided.