The Fona Group Focus

The Fona group is completely focused on education in all useful forms.

The real point behind everything is to help people understand that they need to think and act for themselves, and that it's better to enjoy life and be happy.

In fact, the Fona vision is to do everything possible to help each individual become happier, and experience more joy in his or her daily life, throughout his or her entire lifetime. Of course, the key to such happiness and joy is a healthy love and respect for self and others, which ensures the freedom of each individual.

How do a healthy love and respect for self and others lead to happiness and joy?

First, a person can only truly be happy when allowed to choose and live his or her own life, by his or her own choosing. In other words, a person who is forced into a life by his or her parents, by society, by any other external force will never be able to enjoy life until he or she breaks away from that external force. The freedoms of thought and choice are perhaps the most basic of freedoms that every individual is granted from the beginning.

Naturally, anyone who truly loves and respects himself (or herself) and others would never want to take another person's freedom away, or to force another person in any aspect. The very definition of love is to desire that person's happiness and joy. If you love yourself, you will desire your own happiness and joy. Likewise, if you love others, you will desire their happiness and joy. On the contrary, if you don't love yourself, you are likely to find yourself in a life of misery with no idea how to make a change. In those circumstances, you are likely to try to force your mistaken ideas onto your children and others, thinking that you somehow failed but that those mistaken ideas are really accurate. You probably think you are ensuring their happiness, but you really ensure only their misery, similar to your own.

The application of respect means that you respect someone's thoughts, feelings, choices, and so on. If you respect yourself, you will respect your own thoughts, feelings, choices, and so on. You will not bend to the whims of the people around you. You will stand true to the things you know to be true, regardless of any confusion or commotion around you. If you respect others as well, you will not stand for them to be caught up in the confusion or commotion, either. You will seek and strive to help anyone and everyone who is willing to be helped. You will strive to correct wrongs wherever wrongs are being done. You will strive to help people understand truth, and to live it in their lives, regardless of the lies and deceptions of societies.

How then, do you achieve these characteristics and practices of love, respect, and freedom?

The answer can be found at Fona.

Fona School

Fona Life

In our Life lessons, we help you to analyze and to understand yourself better, to work through issues that bother you, and to like yourself more.

Fona strives to help everyone live with more confidence in their abilities, and to live a happier life.

We strive to help people share happiness with others. We provide both counseling for those who are depressed or discouraged in their current lives, and motivational courses for those who are doing well but want to do even better. In other words, we help people find peace and happiness in the full range of self-improvement and relationship improvement services.

Fona Club

Fona Club is non-profit, designed and established to complement all of the Fona activities.

Fona Club provides supplemental services and opportunities to bring the things you learn more fully into your daily life, and operates as a non-profit endeavor for the sole purpose of helping individuals and communities.

Everyone is welcome to join Fona Club!

Fona World

Fona World is a magazine that Fona has published in the past. Unfortunately, Fona World publication is currently on hold, due to a lack of manpower.

Fona World was also published on a non-profit basis. The objective and thinking behind Fona World is similar to that of Fona Club, but as a magazine it can be made more easily available to a larger audience.

Fona World publication will resume again in the future as soon as manpower permits.